Cavity Wall Insulation Condensation Problems By Cavity Care Solutions

One of the questions we are asked the most is ‘can you remove cavity wall insulation‘. Yes we can, we remove cavity wall insulation up and down the country. We are also asked can cavity wall insulation cause problems. Yes, in fact many people experience many problems with cavity wall insulation, with one of the leading problems being dampness. Dampness can occur in two different ways. Humidity and condensation, both of which can significantly affect a building and are aggravated by cavity wall insulation. Cavity wall insulation condensation problems, when left alone, can cause many problems on yourself as well as your home.

The damage caused by condensation can appear in many places around your house as it builds up in dead air pockets that acquire in vertical and horizontal corners. Water damage in the indoor environment can occur when compressed insulation causes a thermal resistance reduction. As a company who remove cavity wall insulation, we know more than most that if left alone for too long, condensation can lead to the development of both mildrew and mould which can then lead to a variety of health problems from spores. Some of these health implications, like asthma and respiratory issues such as cough or a wheeze, are brought on in the majority of cases by mould infestation. Aside from asthma, various other health problems such as infections, allergenic or immunological illness and non-allergic illnesses are brought on by unattended cavity wall insulation condensation problems.

As you can see, the answer to can cavity wall insulation cause problems is pretty serious with all kinds of cavity wall problems at risk of arising. Do you think it’s worth leaving them for any longer or do you think allowing us to remove cavity wall insulation is a better idea? We certainly think so!

Cavity Wall Problems 

Cavity wall problems will lead to bigger problems if left unattended and ignored. If you notice any potential problems in cavity wall insulation such as dampness, condensation or any other suspicious issues, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Cavity Care Solutions who will happily come and inspect your cavity wall insulation to try and identify any cavity wall problems. Once we have carried out an inspection and identified any problems with cavity wall insulation, we would then carry out any necessary cavity insulation removal services. If you’re wondering how we remove cavity wall insulation, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Waste no more time asking yourself ‘can cavity wall insulation cause problems’ and get in touch with us at Cavity Care Solutions today and allow us to remove cavity wall insulation for you before it’s too late.