Cavity wall insulation problems can cause condensation

If your house is experiencing excess condensation, this could be down to problems with cavity wall insulation in your home. Cavity wall insulation can go cause problems in various ways, which we have discussed before, but chief among them is condensation.

Where insulation has not been properly installed, cavity wall insulation problems can occur through cold spots on the walls. These cold spots are created when there are gaps in the insulation, and cold spots generate condensation – the air warmed by the insulation literally condenses on the cold spots, which can mean you find damp, and possibly even mould growing in these cold spots. It can seem completely unrelated, but these issues all begin with cavity wall insulation problems.

There are ways to reduce condensation – some top tips include opening windows when cooking or creating excess heat in the home, drying washing outside instead of on radiators, ventilating all rooms on a regular basis, and especially before and after showering. However, none of these solutions addresses the core issue, which is cavity wall insulation problems.

Minimising condensation is a good start, but problems with cavity wall insulation need a long term solution

It is possible to remove any mould that grows due to condensation caused by problems with cavity wall insulation, but ultimately the mould will continue to regrow until the underlying problems are dealt with.

The only sure-fire way to eradicate the mould and damp completely, when it is caused by problems with cavity wall insulation, is to look into cavity insulation removal. When dealing with a professional and responsible company like Cavity Care Solutions, removing cavity wall insulation can be quick, stress-free and affordable. We care about our customers’ needs, and this is reflected in our testimonials page.

If you have noticed problems with cavity wall insulation in your home, or if you need advice on what to do about condensation or mould, or for information on removing insulation cost, please get in touch today, before the problem worsens.