Cavity Wall Insulation Problems – why might you be affected?

The government is currently very keen to have people fill in their cavity wall with insulation, in order to keep heating costs low, particularly among older people. Unfortunately this ignores the risk of cavity wall insulation problems to people with homes that are unsuitable for insulation.

Cavity wall insulation problems are a symptom of modern times. Cavity walls were initially introduced in Britain, to areas that were particularly exposed to driving rain, like the exposed western coasts, in the 19th century. The reason that this works so well, and also the reason for many cavity wall insulation problems, is that by having a gap between the inner and outer wall, warm air can be trapped to provide insulation. However, the main reason for cavity wall space, is to stop rain leaking from the outer wall, to the inner wall.

The way that modern cavity wall insulation works, is that insulation is fixed to the inner wall, in the form of waterproof boards, or mineral-wool or fibre glass that have vertically aligned fibres to allow water to drain away from the inner wall.

Insulation that is added to the cavity wall of older houses is not arranged in this waterproof way, and the materials used are often loose fibres that are blown in through drilled holes in the outer wall. Far from being waterproof, this can cause huge cavity wall insulation problems! If just 1% of its volume is damp, cavity wall insulation loses all of its insulation properties, and if it gets wetter than that, it will actively make your house colder and damper, creating the worst kind of cavity wall insulation problems.

What is the next step? Can Cavity Wall Insulation be removed?

Many of the companies who incorrectly or negligibly install Cavity Wall Insulation will insist that your cavity wall problems are manifesting for another reason. It may be that companies blame the lack of insulation in your home, or attribute the cavity wall insulation problems to a change in lifestyle. But don’t worry, with Cavity Care Solutions it is usually very simple to answer the question: can cavity wall insulation be removed? Yes!

If you have been asking yourself: can cavity wall insulation be removed? Then stop wondering. The removal of cavity wall insulation is our speciality and we can provide you more than affordable cost of removing cavity wall insulation. With Cavity Care, our method can usually have the job done in two days or less, depending on the size of your home. To fully answer the question: can cavity wall insulation be removed? Here is a break-down of how our cavity wall removal.

By using machinery which blasts compressed air into the cavity walls, the problematic debris and old insulation is removed and the problems with cavity wall insulation are eradicated.During cavity wall removal, it is usually possible to drill through old holes in the brickwork where the original insulation was inserted. The debris blown out of the cavity and collected in bags fixed to the external wall.

If you feel as if you may be experiencing cavity wall problems such as cavity wall insulation condensation problems and you are interested in us removing cavity wall insulation and ultimately the cavity wall insulation condensation problems that are haunting your home or even if you still find yourself questioning ‘can you remove cavity wall insulation’, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We are happy to field enquiries about cavity wall insulation problems, and to fix you up with a quote should you be in need. Don’t delay, for removing insulation contact us today!