Does Cavity Wall Insulation Cause Damp?

Out of all the questions we are commonly asked at Cavity Care Solutions, does cavity wall insulation cause damp has to be the most asked question. The answer is yes, cavity wall insulation damp problems can arise in your property. This can be due to many different reasons though regardless of how cavity wall insulation damp arises, it is vital that you know how to spot dampness and that you opt for cavity wall removal as soon as possible.

Many people across the UK and beyond tend to ignore the question of ‘does cavity wall insulation cause damp’ simply because they believe the serious cavity wall insulation damp problems couldn’t possibly affect them and their home. This is totally the wrong attitude to have towards such a serious topic. In fact, those who ignore the question of does cavity wall insulation cause damp are often those who later suffer first hand from cavity wall insulation damp effects. There are two main kinds of damp to look out for when it comes to cavity wall insulation, which are:

Rising Damp

As the name may suggest, this kind of dampness occurs when water rises up through a wall. Although most walls do allow limited water to enter, some will allow too much which leads to rising damp. Symptoms of rising damp include:

  • Peeling wallpaper/paint
  • Crumbling plaster
  • Damaged floorboards
  • And in extreme cases, you would notice a tide mark along the damaged wall.


If you are not already, cavity wall insulation condensation problems are the most common cavity wall insulation problems. Condensation occurs when moisture condenses on your walls. Although it sounds pretty harmless, this can lead to a variety of unpleasant problems including decaying window frames and more. The signs of condensation problems include:

  • Droplets of moisture appearing on the walls inside your home
  • Mould growth
  • Damaged paint/plaster on your walls

You can read more about cavity wall insulation condensation problems on our website.

Allow Us To Remove Your Cavity Wall Insulation Damp Problems Today

When we answer the question ‘does cavity wall insulation cause damp’ for our customers, many of them are left shocked and surprised. Most people are completely oblivious as to how problematic cavity wall insulation can be. If you’re experiencing cavity wall insulation damp problems, we suggest that you need not worry as we at Cavity Care Solutions can totally remove any insulation problems you are experiencing with our fantastic extraction service.

We feel that nobody should live with the hassle that is problematic insulation, so speak up before the problems begin to worsen. Get in touch with us today where we will happily put together an affordable quote on the cost of removing cavity wall insulation for you and your home.

Cavity Wall Insulation Condensation Problems Can Cause Havoc To Your Health

With many years of carrying out cavity wall removal, we know more than anyone that cavity wall insulation condensation problems are more dangerous than many people think. For those who are constantly exposed to cavity wall insulation condensation problems, they are more vulnerable to several health problems, such as:

  • Asthma
  • Chest infections
  • Other respiratory problems

Do you really think putting up with these cavity wall insulation condensation problems are worth risking your health? We certainly don’t think so. We will happily carry out a cavity wall removal service for you today so you no longer have to live with terrible cavity wall insulation condensation problems.