Problems caused by Cavity Wall Insulation can be harder to spot than you might think

Even for those people who keep a close eye on problems caused by cavity wall insulation, and who are aware of adding modern insulation to older houses can the issues surrounding cavity wall insulation confusing. There are different ways that cavity wall insulation problems can occur in your house, and this can make it difficult to attribute the problems to cavity wall insulation.

We have discussed many times in this blog the problems caused by cavity wall insulation, and that adding insulation to a cavity wall can cause rain water to penetrate the inner wall, resulting in a damp house. However, it is also true that there are many more kinds of problems caused by cavity wall insulation than rain penetration.

Rain water doesn’t need to penetrate the inner wall to cause cavity wall insulation problems. It is possible for your house to become damp in a few different ways due to various cavity wall insulation problems.

Problems with Cavity Wall Insulation are not just caused by rain penetration

Even when insulation doesn’t increase rain penetration to the inner wall of the house, filling your cavity wall can result in a damper, and colder house due to cavity wall insulation problems.

One of the ways you may experience problems with cavity wall insulation, is that your house can become damp due to cold spots. When cavity wall insulation is poorly installed, gaps can be left in the insulation, creating cold spots. This is a big cause of problems with cavity wall insulation. The insulation in your cavity wall warms the house up, which is great in theory, but in the places where there are cold spots, this condenses more quickly because of the warmer air.

This condensation has nowhere to run off, and so festers, getting more and more damp. Cavity Wall Insulation problems caused by condensation are often found near the floor on the ground level, and near the ceiling in the upper levels and bedrooms. Other danger areas for condensation are near windows and doors.

Damp can quickly cause mould and have an adverse effect on your health, so if you are worried that you may be experiencing the first signs of cavity wall insulation problems, or want advice on removing insulation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat or a quote from our friendly team.