Problems With Cavity Wall Insulation By Cavity Care Solutions

Cavity wall insulation is all around us in everyday life from when you’re at home to when you’re working, it’s always there, though many people are quite unaware of what cavity wall insulation actually is which begs the question of what is cavity wall insulation and what kind of problems with cavity wall insulation can arise.

Wondering to yourself, just what is cavity wall insulation? Cavity wall insulation intends to prevent the loss of heat through a cavity wall (a small hole in your wall) and acts like a blanket by filling the cavity with a material that keeps heat in instead of letting it out. Although cavity wall insulation when installed for the most part works well with no problems, when installed incorrectly, several problems with cavity wall insulation can arise. One of the biggest  and most noticeable problems is dampness. When installed correctly and with a material that is considerably waterproof, dampness should not be an issue. But if the material isn’t waterproof and hasn’t been installed correctly mixed with regularly exposure to wind-driven rain can and most probably will result in damp wall insulation meaning your walls becoming damp and the growth of mould becoming more likely. As well as this, when poorly installed, cavity wall insulation may not do as good of job as you’d expect and the cold air could still be creeping into your house. When cavity wall insulation isn’t installed properly, you may find small gaps or cracks in the insulation which allows for the cold air to get into the house through these micro gaps meaning you’d basically be paying money for an even colder house.

Cavity Wall Problems

If you’re experiencing any of these cavity wall problems and/or concerned about any other possible problems, or even about the way your cavity wall insulation was installed, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Cavity Care Solutions where we will happily have a look at your insulation, establish any cavity wall problems and look at what options are available to move forward.