Problems with Cavity Wall Insulation need attending to as soon as possible

We are keen champions of addressing problems with cavity wall insulation head on. It is vital that as soon as you suspect that your home may be affected by problems with cavity wall insulation, you consult an expert. Ideally this will be someone trained in cavity wall insulation extraction, rather than the company who installed your cavity wall insulation. We have heard many reports of cavity wall insulation installers denying that cavity wall insulation is the cause of problems, even when it is later proven to be so.

With Cavity Care Solutions, we have the experience and impartiality required to assess the problems with cavity wall insulation, and can advise you what your best options are.

The reason that it is so important to inquire about cavity wall insulation extraction as soon as you notice a problem, is that problems with cavity wall insulation are often hidden until the problem is of a large scale. Once you notice the symptoms, it is likely that the problem is extensive and advanced. For example, once you have condensation or damp problems, your cavity wall insulation will already be badly damaged, and until you seek help this will only progress further.

Cavity Wall Insulation Extraction explained

It may sound frightening, and expensive, but cavity wall insulation extraction needn’t be either of these things. The questions many people have of cavity wall insulation extraction are quite easy to answer. Our technique is simple but effective, and usually takes less than two days depending on the size of your house.

By using machinery which blasts compressed air into the cavity walls, the problematic debris and old insulation is removed. During cavity wall insulation removal, it is usually possible to drill through old holes in the brickwork where the original insulation was inserted. The debris blown out of the cavity and collected in bags fixed to the external wall.

This is the easiest most fool proof method of cavity wall insulation extraction and the way in which we at Cavity Care Solutions remove your cavity wall insulation. If you have any concerns about the methods of cavity wall insulation extraction, or you are not sure if you are experiencing problems with cavity wall insulation, please get in touch for any advice or a quote. We are happy to hear any inquiries from you! The longer you spend thinking about your potential cavity wall problems, the worse the problem will get, so don’t delay!