Take back your home with Cavity Wall Insulation extraction from CCS!

An Englishman’s home is his castle, or so the saying goes. But when you suffer from problems with cavity wall insulation, it can feel like you are being besieged by your own home! The biggest issue is, the longer you put up with cavity wall insulation problems, the worse it gets. A stiff upper lip gets you nowhere when you suffer from problems with cavity wall insulation!no-disruption

One of the most common problems associated with cavity wall insulation is damp. This can be a result of a) condensation, or b) water seeping in through the cavity wall, using the insulation as a quick and easy route. This can lead to mould growth, or even a colder house – exactly the reason that you wanted cavity wall insulation in the first place!

But how do you end your woes? We have the only guaranteed solution – cavity wall insulation extraction. Often, companies who install cavity wall insulation, and have either done a poor job, or who have done an inadequate site inspection, will try to dodge the blame and encourage you to make lifestyle changes.

The only solution to problems with cavity wall insulation is to get it out!

Common tips that they will encourage are things like opening the windows to increase ventilation, cutting down on activities that increase steam, like hot showers and cooking heat. Of course, these activities are essential to most daily lives, and you shouldn’t have to put up with this state of affairs.

No matter what a company says, if you have issues in your home caused by cavity wall insulation, the only solution is cavity wall insulation extraction. It can sound intimidating, but with Cavity Care Solutions, our method is tried and tested, and depending on the size of your home can take as little as two days to remove!

We have had countless customers recommend us to their loved ones, and with our stress-free simple cavity wall insulation extraction method, we can return your home to its former glory! Damp-free, stress-free, insulation-free!

If you have any questions about our cavity wall insulation extraction service, or you would like more information on cavity wall problems or a quote, please get in touch today!