The lowdown on Cavity Wall Insulation Extraction

Many times in our information blogs we have discussed cavity wall insulation extraction, but for many, questions still remain. When faced with a sealed wall, filled with insulation, the idea of cavity wall insulation extraction can seem daunting, and almost impossible! With help from our dedicated team, it needn’t be so. Our experts have years of experience of cavity insulation removal, and we have the correct tools and knowledge to make the job as quick and as easy as possible, to reduce any stress or disruption to you as possible while we remove the cavity wall insulation from your home.

Cavity Insulation Removal – how the experts get the job done

If you are suffering with cavity wall insulation problems, it is understandable that you could be apprehensive about having further treatment to the cavity wall in your home, but cavity insulation removal is the only answer to cavity wall insulation problems!

Our cavity insulation removal service really answers the question of ‘can you remove cavity wall insulation’, in fact, we can remove your problematic insulation at a more than affordable cost with minimal mess and 100% efficiency. What more could you want from cavity insulation removal?

On average, our tried and tested method of cavity wall insulation extraction takes about two days to complete, though of course each job is individual, and can vary slightly. Our system involves blasting the cavity wall with compressed air, to completely remove the existing insulation. Our process is very tidy, with the built up insulation and debris collected in bags as soon as it is sucked from the cavity wall.

Our friendly team are ready and waiting to put you at ease if you have any concerns about cavity insulation removal, and are more than happy to answer any questions you may still have, regarding cavity wall insulation extraction, such as worries about removing insulation or cost. If you are experiencing cavity wall insulation problems, please don’t leave it to get worse, get in touch today, and we can discuss the best course of action for you!