Why might you benefit from insulation removal?

To understand why it can often be imperative to instigate insulation removal, first you have to know what cavity wall insulation is, and why it is installed into homes. Cavity wall insulation is designed to prevent heat loss, and to keep the temperature of your home stable and even. Cavity wall insulation problems are rarer in newer homes, because the insulation is fitted as part of the build, but cavity wall insulation problems can be common in houses where insulation has been installed later.

Insulation removal can be necessary for a few reasons, but chiefly the reason is damp and cold. In older houses, the cavity wall acts as a barrier between the inner wall of your home, and wet weather outside. When insulation is poorly or negligently installed, the insulation can act as a transport mechanism for rain and wet from outside, running from the outer wall, straight to the inner wall of your house, resulting in damp walls, a cold home, and requiring insulation removal.

Damp? Mould? You might have cavity wall insulation problems.

Cavity insulation removal might sound like an extreme measure, but if your damp problems are caused by cavity wall insulation problems, it is the only solution the problem. It is extremely important not to ignore the problem, as cavity wall insulation problems, without insulation removal, will only get worse. Some people find thousands of pounds worth of damage upon inspecting the cavity wall.

If we have made you nervous, you needn’t be. If you are only just noticing cavity wall insulation problems, including damp patches, cold spots on walls, or mould near the ceiling, then it is a simple matter of calling us for expert advice and insulation removal.

Our process of cavity insulation removal is very simple, and depending on the size of your house can usually be completed within just two days, making us a friendly and easy solution to your cavity wall insulation problems.

If you have any further questions or enquiries about your need for insulation removal, or if you aren’t sure if you are experiencing cavity wall insulation problems, please get in touch today!